How to order overseas customers

A.D.GⓇ is a women's apparel brand in Tokyo, Japan.
International shipping to 125 countries.
Since the brand started in 2012,
we have been delivering clothes to customers all over the world.

1.Search for items to buy.

2.Add to cart with "ADD TO CART" button on the bottom banner.

(Smartphone Ver.)

3.Select quantity and options.
Check the prices in your cart and go to the shipping information page.

4.Input delivery information. Then go to payment page.

5.Payment (PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, and more.)

※Payment methods vary by country.

6.Order completed

・Your order has been successfully completed.
Worldshopping will order the items for you.
Customers will be notified when the goods arrive at the warehouse.
Please wait for a while.
・Please keep your order number after ordering.
You will need it to confirm your order.


【About International Shipping】
The international shipping service is provided by "Worldshopping.global"
You can request a shopping agency service "Worldshopping.global" to buy items on behalf of you and to have them shipped. This service is conducted by zig-zag,Inc.

By using this service,
・You can easily and smoothly buy items in English.
・You can use not only credit card, but also Paypal and debit card such as China UnionPay.
※Payment methods vary by country.

・In addition to the product price, the following fees will be charged.
(10% of the product price is a commission)
(Domestic shipping fee)
(Overseas shipping fee)

※To see more details about the agency service "Worldshopping.global"
→ https://www.worldshopping.global/en/help